Are you looking for a fly screen that does not need you to take tools, drills, holes in the wall and no screws? Well in Bug Stop we have designed a flyscreen for you. It is no longer worth “I do not know DIY” or “I do not have tools to assemble”. With the ELITE roll-up fly screen net without screws, you can install a practical and safe protection in the window opening to prevent mosquitoes from entering effectively. And if it also has an exclusive click clack closure, regulation by pressure and a very discreet aesthetic. Will it be the perfect insect protection screen? The answer is yours.


Not only is the mosquito net ideal for beginners of DIY, it is also perfect for rental housing or for windows where you do not want to damage the carpentry or make holes in the walls. Also not all of us have a drill at home or the knowledge to use one safely. Thanks to the ELITE mosquito net without screws, you will not have to worry about mosquitoes, flies and other insects in summer, nor have to pay someone to install them.

This mosquito net does not need more tools than a handsaw to cut the profiles to size and an Allen key # 5. You just have to measure the hole or the front of the window well and follow the manual. Its pressure system is designed so that when introducing the guides and fitting them with the drawer and the brake can be adjusted with the Allen key. We have also included sandpaper cutouts in the package so that you can hook them in the drawer and the brakes so that it does not slip on smooth surfaces.

The method is very simply and easy to install:

  • Measure with a meter three measures wide and three high in your window opening.
  • Then subtract the smallest measure of the three to the extent that it appears printed on the label and you will have the remainder that you must cut from each profile.

We say it a lot, but remember, you should not measure the profiles of the fly screen to calculate. Just observe the size of the packaging and subtract yours to know how much you have to cut.

  • For the cassette remember to remove the covers and cut, then add again and close the cassette with accessories.

Before placing the cassette we recommend to test the tension when raising and lowering the mesh, in case you want to adjust it before mounting it.

  • Place the stickers on the outside of each cassette lids so that when it is placed it is fixed on the top. If you have measured well, it will be pressed thanks to the spring on the right cover.
  • Fit the channel guides in the cassette attached to the wall.
  • Make sure that right angles to 90º or the window fly screen will not work properly.
  • Then place the brakes click and adjust the pressure to the wall using the Allen key on the brake screw.
  • Place the embellishments and you have the flyscreen ready. Easy, isn’t it? Watch our video on Facebook


Our ELITE range are flyscreens that we have designed from the latest advances in the professional world to make them available to everyone in large DIY areas. That is why this ELITE roller screen also has a more discreet and careful aesthetics, a system of opening and closing with a click clack, fixing the cassette by pressure to the wall and speed regulating system of the mesh.

In short, an ideal mosquito net to enjoy quality protection, with maximum benefits, and avoid having to call an installer or your brother-in-law to drill the walls and head. It is already on sale at Bricorama and Brico Group centers. Find the nearest store on your web pages or in our “Where to buy” section. If you do not find one, contact us through the “Contact” page and we will inform you of the nearest point of sale.