The flyscreens are a very useful element in our house when the summer months arrive, since they appear the damn mosquitoes and their happy bites.

Today, there are different systems of flyscreen adaptable to the type of stay, type of opening, whether it is for window or door, etc. The choice of one type or another, will depend on the type of use that will be given or the place where you want to install.

I think you do not have to remember that a premium flyscreen will guarantee your investment in protection against mosquito bites, insect invasion, pollution and pollen.


Types of Flyscreens

Rolling flyscreens

It is the most used, since it can be collected when we want, it can be installed in any type of window, even the folding ones. They are made vertically for the windows and horizontal for the doors.

At the assembly level, our Elite Roller Flyscreen can be installed patch (frontally) or hollow, being very easy to install and assemble.

There is a wide assortment of colors.



Sliding Flyscreens

They are designed for windows and doors that give access to the exterior. They only allow their installation in windows or sliding doors, it is economical and functional.

The great advantage it has is its simplicity when it comes to mounting (about 5 minutes) and place it in the window frame.

We can also find them here in various colors.


Fixed Flyscreens

It is the most simple and effective.

This type of flyscreens is designed only for windows, which have little or no use. Its installation is somewhat more complex, since we will have to drill to fix it on the wall or there is also the option to fit it in the window opening, which is fixed thanks to the pressure of the sides that incorporate a doormat type.

It can also be found in various colors.



Pleated Flyscreens

This model of flyscreen is a modern version of the roller screen, the difference is in the folded shape of its anti-mosquito fabric, so that we understand it as the shape of an accordion.

They can be found both for doors and windows, although they are designed for doors that have a frequent step.

Thanks to its easy assembly facilitates the task of cleaning the house.


Do you have any allergic person at home ?

Bug Stop flyscreens have a special mesh against allergens that prevents them from entering the house. Gramineae, olive, turf, ragweed and many other types of pollen get stuck in the cloth. You only have to order your flyscreen when ordering your Bug Stop flyscreen in store or through the app

You can buy the sliding flyscreen with antipolen mesh here.

We take this opportunity to remind you that we have updated all our sales points, where you can find all our models of mosquito nets.

Having a toolbox at home will never hurt you, surely more than once you have an unexpected situation and you have not been able to solve it by not having tools at home right?

We have the habit of relating tools with being a handyman or a crack of the DIY, this does not have to be that way, since having a box with tools at home can get you out of more than one hurry.

¿How to organize a complete toolbox?

We are going to give a review of those tools that can always come to you well and it is not necessary to spend a pasture on them:

  • The toolbox: What nonsense is not? Well it is not, the main tool of our toolbox is the same box. The choice depends on the capacity you need and the tastes.


  • Hammer: it is a basic tool that can not be missing in our toolbox. A model of medium size will be great for us to do odd jobs like hanging a painting. It is advisable that the handle is made of wood because of the shock absorbing theme, and it is not necessary to hurt yourself either.


  • Screwdriver: either manual or electric, depending on our budget, and we must also take into account the model whether it is star, smooth blade or interchangeable tips.


  • Wrench: they can be fixed or adjustable, the latter is the most comfortable because it takes up less space in the toolbox and allows working with pieces of various sizes, just as the hammer looks for a medium weight.


  • Set of Allen keys: it seems that you will not use them in life, but in the end … the rear screw of some appliance, the saddle of the girl’s bike … there is always something that requires an allen key to open and tighten.


  • Cutter: it is a very practical and easy to use tool to make short and precise cuts.


  • Pliers: it is a multipurpose tool because it cuts, molds, bends, holds or even unscrews, therefore it is an essential basic tool.


  • Tape measure: also known as “meter”, if you need to know the measurements of anything like a piece of furniture or a window to place blinds or mosquito nets, its use is very basic, it does not take much information.


  • Insulating tape: you’re not going to fix anything with this and you know it … But it’s very useful for emergency fudge, so go to the box with the other tools.


  • Sierra: if you have to cut wood, plastic or metal, this tool will come from pearls.


  • Drill: it is essential since it will help us to hang a picture, a bookcase or piece of furniture; or even put a mosquito net, so do not miss out on yours and remember: Buy the bits!


These 11 tools can not be missing in your basic toolbox to fix and solve unforeseen problems in the house, there are a lot more tools to expand your range of solutions, but start with these and if you see that you get the taste and It’s good for you, because you can pass the level.

Maybe you’re good at DIY … and you did not know it.


This year 2019 in Bug Stop we started with new manuals, new videos, new packaging designs and more points of sale. Thanks to your confidence and your recommendations, the most practical and handy fly screens installed in windows and doors continue to grow in Spain and Portugal. We ask you and we listen to you, and for that reason it makes it easier for us to carry out the changes and improvements to be the benchmark in flyscreens.


We have changed the manuals with many more languages, and a new structure. Now on one side are the visual schemes and on the other the whole text. It has allowed us to increase the number of languages ​​and messages. We know that there was a general confusion at the time of making the calculation of the cut of profiles. To fix it we have added two notes of attention so that there is no doubt when it comes to cutting the sliding window and door mosquito net.

Now installing mosquito nets is much more practical and easy in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch or Italian.







We have renewed our videos with a new style, more bricomania style but with a presenter. You can see them on our YouTube channel. They are tutorial videos to assemble and install the new ELITE roll-up mosquito nets, the MINI slide and the fixed folding mosquito net. All exclusive Bug Stop novelties for 2018-2019. ELITE mosquito nets have all the benefits of the professional world, head without screws, click clack brake, voltage regulator, front installation and the most discreet design. The sliding mosquito net MINI is the lightest version of its older sister, but the method of cutting and installation is the same. And finally the fixed folding for windows, a very practical and unique option in the DIY market, since it allows you to open and close the mosquito net without having to dismantle it like the rest of fixed mosquito nets in the market.


Box design

We have renewed the designs of the boxes so that all mosquito nets appear more aesthetic. We have also added color, so there is no confusion about the color of the mosquito net you are buying. The packaging is also in 7 languages, which will help us continue to grow and reach more countries and more DIY enthusiasts around the world.

Points of sale

This year we will increase the number of stores and specialized points of sale where you can find our mosquito nets. From the section “Where to buy” always updated you can check it. We have made a contract with the Bauhaus DIY centers and we will also be present in its corridors.


This year we will re-launch the app for custom mosquito nets. With an improved design and new features, such as modifying a budget already made without having to do it whole again. It will also have new functionalities for the points of sale, so that it is more agile for store staff to give price and place orders to Bug Stop.

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The revolutionary Bug-Stop clic-clac system for Roller Fly Screens brings multiple advantages for your own comfort.

But what does this clic-clac brake exactly consist of?

Everybody uses pens, almost every day. But does everybody know how it works? How can the tip move up or down with a single finger pressure, and remain in a fixed position?

The Bug Stop clic clac system is inspired by the pen mechanism.
You just have to press the handles in order to shut (or open) the fly screen. This makes the fly screen highly comfortable when fitted right against the window frame.

Almost all competing roller fly screens close with a hook retention system, that blocks the pull bar and prevent it from opening. You then have to insert the fingers into the handles and tilt the pull bar in order to release the pull bar and open the fly screen.
This may be quite complicated when the fly screen is fitted against the window frame, knowing that there is almost no room for the fingers.

Thanks to the clic-clac system from Bug Stop, you just have to press the handles down and the fly screen will open automatically.
The integrated system detects any pressure on the handles, exactly as a pen would work when the tip gets blocked in a position after pressing the top edge button.

Apart from being handy and easy to use, the clic-clac system is one of the safest closing system on the market. Many fly screens would open suddenly in case of bumps into the pull bar. This can definitely be dangerous in case the product isn’t mounted with a soft close system.

Safe, handy, and flexible! The clic-clac system works perfectly even if the flyscreen is fitted in a non-squared recess. Let’s imagine that the recess is 3cm smaller on one side than on the other, the clic clac will go on working perfectly.
The clic-clac system works also even if there is an obstacle in the centre of the recess. It can admit up to a 9mm obstacle. The flyscreen will remain perfectly shut.

As far as size adjustment is concerned, the clic-clac brake doesn’t have any influence, which means that you can perfectly cut straight through the whole mounted cassette (cassette, rolled mesh and bottom bar) at once. All elements can be adjusted to the exact same width. The pull bar is then exactly as wide as the cassette, which makes it very easy to cut.
Thanks to its design and the Bug-Stop precision, the clic-clac system is the most discreet retention system on the market. There is to date no comparable retention system on the market.
Some competing roller fly screens on the market are provided with a similar brake that requires a double aluminium bottom bar. The profiles would then glide into each other, and inevitably remain scratched after some few uses.
Furthermore, other clic-clac systems don’t enable the cassette to be adjusted in width at once. The bottom bar must always be shorter than the cassette, which may lead to mistakes during the assembly.

To summarize, the Bug-Stop clic-clac retention system for roller fly screens is a considerable innovation on the fly screen market. It is easier and handier than any other system on the market. Take a look on our ELITE window roller fly screen.

Are you looking for a fly screen that does not need you to take tools, drills, holes in the wall and no screws? Well in Bug Stop we have designed a flyscreen for you. It is no longer worth “I do not know DIY” or “I do not have tools to assemble”. With the ELITE roll-up fly screen net without screws, you can install a practical and safe protection in the window opening to prevent mosquitoes from entering effectively. And if it also has an exclusive click clack closure, regulation by pressure and a very discreet aesthetic. Will it be the perfect insect protection screen? The answer is yours.


Not only is the mosquito net ideal for beginners of DIY, it is also perfect for rental housing or for windows where you do not want to damage the carpentry or make holes in the walls. Also not all of us have a drill at home or the knowledge to use one safely. Thanks to the ELITE mosquito net without screws, you will not have to worry about mosquitoes, flies and other insects in summer, nor have to pay someone to install them.

This mosquito net does not need more tools than a handsaw to cut the profiles to size and an Allen key # 5. You just have to measure the hole or the front of the window well and follow the manual. Its pressure system is designed so that when introducing the guides and fitting them with the drawer and the brake can be adjusted with the Allen key. We have also included sandpaper cutouts in the package so that you can hook them in the drawer and the brakes so that it does not slip on smooth surfaces.

The method is very simply and easy to install:

  • Measure with a meter three measures wide and three high in your window opening.
  • Then subtract the smallest measure of the three to the extent that it appears printed on the label and you will have the remainder that you must cut from each profile.

We say it a lot, but remember, you should not measure the profiles of the fly screen to calculate. Just observe the size of the packaging and subtract yours to know how much you have to cut.

  • For the cassette remember to remove the covers and cut, then add again and close the cassette with accessories.

Before placing the cassette we recommend to test the tension when raising and lowering the mesh, in case you want to adjust it before mounting it.

  • Place the stickers on the outside of each cassette lids so that when it is placed it is fixed on the top. If you have measured well, it will be pressed thanks to the spring on the right cover.
  • Fit the channel guides in the cassette attached to the wall.
  • Make sure that right angles to 90º or the window fly screen will not work properly.
  • Then place the brakes click and adjust the pressure to the wall using the Allen key on the brake screw.
  • Place the embellishments and you have the flyscreen ready. Easy, isn’t it? Watch our video on Facebook


Our ELITE range are flyscreens that we have designed from the latest advances in the professional world to make them available to everyone in large DIY areas. That is why this ELITE roller screen also has a more discreet and careful aesthetics, a system of opening and closing with a click clack, fixing the cassette by pressure to the wall and speed regulating system of the mesh.

In short, an ideal mosquito net to enjoy quality protection, with maximum benefits, and avoid having to call an installer or your brother-in-law to drill the walls and head. It is already on sale at Bricorama and Brico Group centers. Find the nearest store on your web pages or in our “Where to buy” section. If you do not find one, contact us through the “Contact” page and we will inform you of the nearest point of sale.

Hello everyone. In this post we will describe the solutions that Bug Stop has to prevent mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering your home. Normally we think only of windows but if we do not secure the doors, then the questions of how there are bugs in the house come if the mosquito nets in the windows are thrown out. To complete the protection of your home, put mosquito nets on both windows and doors. Here we describe the best options depending on the type of door you want to protect.

First, the most common is the hinged insect screen door. It can be installed frontally or in the gap thanks to its hinged supports. It is ideal for simple doors that open to the outside, patios, gardens or terraces, because it allows to open the door leaving the fly screen closed and prevent insects or rodents from entering. Its installation is very simple as you can see in your installation video on YouTube.

As you can see in the image, the hinges are screwed to the frame of the door, the wall or inside the opening of the door itself. Take the measurements well following the instructions in the video. And always remember the direction in which the hinges will turn when opening the door to make it as comfortable and effective as possible.

The screen door has a split version that is composed of two parts, providing more stability to the mesh, especially if you have pets at home, the mosquito net folding door split would be ideal.

For interior doors or single or double doors, Bug Stop has in its catalog the lateral roller door. As you have guessed is the vertical roller, but turned 90º. Although not all components are the same, since the guides must adapt to the floor, the upper frame of the door and both sides. Remember that to install it it is necessary to drill the floor and the upper frame to be able to place both the head supports and screw the guides. Also you must make sure that it is a 90º angle or the mosquito net will not slip correctly.

The great advantages of this fly screen is that when it is rolled, when it is closed it does not hinder the passage, leaving only the lower guide visible. It also has a version for double doors that reaches 2.40m wide in two sheets that are closed magnetically with their handles.

The following is an exclusive Bug Stop door, the Automatic Pleated Fly screen. It is the best example of practical mosquito net, useful and very reliable for the opinions of its users. It is a mosquito net with pleated mesh, which means that it also retains insects, dirt that is trapped in the folds.

The lower guide is minimal, does not hinder the passage, and installs more quickly than any other model. The ideal advantage of this door is that with a button it is collected automatically.

This year we have launched a new service in collaboration with the different chains of DIY, gardening and home stores in which we are present. A custom-made fly screen service for those who do not have time or do not dare with cutting tools. Although the measures are on your side, take note.

For this spring summer season, you will see on the shelves of stores and shopping centers such as AKI or Leroy Merlin, a white display stand with our fly screens. In this display you can see, touch and test all models for doors and windows that we can cut to size.

What is there to do?
Very simple, in the display you will see a link to our online app. Take the phone and in a second you enter the web. It will start with a guide for you to choose the type of door or window where you want to install the fly screens.

Remember that the sliding fly screen, window or door, needs a rail so that it can fit in the top or bottom. It is also measured differently.

How to measure?
In the final part of the guide, there are some very short but practical videos to see how to take measures in the windows to enter them later in the calculator. You will not take long and you will be sure not to make a mistake when placing the order later.
Remember to always take more than one measurement and always write down the shortest of all.

How does the calculator work?
Although many of you will already be very used to buying online, we briefly explain the icons that appear so you can quickly understand how it works.

Unit = Quantity of products
Width = Width of the mosquito net in millimeters
Height = Height of the mosquito net in millimeters
Price = Unit price without VAT
Subtotal = Sum of the price of all the units.
Options-Each model has different options, the most common are color and mesh.
They are mandatory to finish and save.
PDF icon = Product manual in PDF
Red Cross = Delete row
+ Green = Add row of the same model for different measures and / or options.
Button “+ Add another model” = Restart the guide saving the previous products to add another type of mosquito net.
“Finish and save” button = Open a box to enter an email where you can send the quote with your reference number.
“Delete all and restart” button = Delete all memory and restart the application

Relax, we do not keep any personal or private information. You can calmly send the quotation by email and then use the reference number to give it to the employee of the nearest store and ready.

If you have any doubt you know that we have our email and social networks available so you can ask us what is needed.

The bespoke products are of the highest quality in the professional market, if you have a tight budget you can always count on DIY fly screens. Look at the manuals and you will see that they are very easy to cut and install.

Thanks to your confidence these years, we have been able to make an investment in innovation to design a new fly screen that collects the latest news from the professional sector in the form of DIY Kit so that anyone can take their tools and assemble them at home. It must be said, that this product is unique and exclusive, and now we tell you why.

Front installation

First of all, it can be installed hollow, like all the others, but also frontally. That is, both the drawer and the guides can be screwed to the wall that surrounds the window. And, in the case of the ELITE Mosquito Net Without screws, you do not even have to screw anything. This novelty allows a new use, which brings us to the next advantage.

Installation in roof or attic windows
As you can see in the wall that surrounds the window, no matter the installation angle, it is the first fly screen of home and brico centers that can be installed in Velux windows, attic or horizontally for roof windows.

It only takes 40mm gap
If you want to install it hollow, there are two main advantages, first, the drawer only measures 40mm which allows it to be installed in most PVC or European series carpentry that leave that gap between profiles. And the second.

Installation of the pressure head
Exactly, the head can be installed easily without screws, only under pressure thanks to its telescopic lid that presses the wall with the spring and fits without falling.

New click-clack brake system
This is the great novelty of the fly screen, directly from the professional world of carpentry, the hidden click clack brake, in a DIY product. Brakes or plastic latches are no longer needed. This new system is:
o Silent
o Easy to install
o Auto adjustable (admits of uncertainties)
o Supports 8mm obstacle
o Secure closure: Even supports impacts on the lower profile

Roller brake system included
It includes a system that picks up the mesh slowly, without brusqueness, and safer for normal use.

Integrated Design
It has been designed from the beginning, that is why we have taken great care that the fly screen goes unnoticed and integrates perfectly in the window or door. The brake is hidden and the covers are integrated into the drawer for a uniform and slender aesthetic.

Raw material quality
Like all Bug Stop products, they are made with the best raw material in aluminum profiles, polyamide PA6 accessories resistant to impacts and discoloration, fiberglass mesh and Qualicoat paint.

If you want to bet on the best quality, the easiest installation and benefits of the professional world of carpentry, the ELITE roller screen is your product

For each type of door or window, walls of any texture or gaps with more or less uncertainties, Bug Stop has a solution in our extensive catalog of fly screens. Here you have all the possibilities so that you know all the alternatives that you have when deciding which fly screen to buy.

There are many types of houses, flats or apartments, for each type there are multiple types of doors and windows. It is very important to know the type of window or door when installing a fly screen. Each carpentry system leaves more gap or less to fit the head or profiles. Also according to the wall, if it is interior or exterior, it has a smoother texture or more or less straight angles.


Let’s start with the windows, since by statistic most insects access through them in our homes, especially in cities and urbanizations.

The only fly screen that fits any window is the ELITE ROLLER FLY SCREEN, since it is designed only for that purpose. This product can be installed in any type of gap, window or wall.

  • Its cassette or box is 39mm which is the gap left by the European-style aluminum windows.
  • Accessories for fit gap or recess installation.
  • Up to 160 cm wide
  • Lid with telescopic function so that it presses against the wall.
  • Click clack system to open and close very easily the fly screen.
  • Front mesh speed regulator to adjust it.
  • Can be installed in roof or attic windows such as Velux.

In addition to all these advantages there is the ELITE roller fly screen without screws that incorporates accessories to avoid drilling and making holes. All in all, it is the most versatile fly screen on the market, and therefore it can be installed in all window types.

Continuing with the rollers, we have the VERTICAL FLYSCREEN, the most popular thanks to its functionality. It is practical to open and close, can be installed in any type of casement window or tilt-and-turn.

It is also important to know that if your sliding window does not have a rail where to place the sliding screen, you have to install a vertical roller blind. Pay attention to your sliding window type.

We continue with the traditional fly screen that adapts to any window, but without functions, which is the FIXED FLYSCREEN. Cut to size and fit, simple and elementary. For non-practicable windows, such as those with fences or forges, it is a very practical way to avoid insects and other animals.

For windows and sliding doors we have the sliding fly screens family, which we already offer you with the discount made in the profiles so that you only have to subtract the size of your window to the size printed on the box of the product that you have purchased. Remember also that to be able to mount a sliding insect screen, the window or the door must have a profile in which it is mounted, otherwise you will not be able to mount it.

A reduced version is also available, the MINI SLIDING FLYSCREEN, lighter and cheaper, to fit all pockets.

If flyscreens seem too basic to you and you are worried to break in a certain way with your style and aesthetics, the PLEATED FLYSCREEN is your model. It is very discreet, with black pleated fabric, and with the appearance of a curtain. Its cord mechanism is completely silent.

Finally, we have the TELESCOPIC FLYSCREEN, very practical since it does not require cutting or screwing. The telescopic flyscreen is only placed over the window and extends with its telescopic format until it fits the window and the blind. Although it is true that does not cover the entire window and requires to have the shutter down to cover the space.


Our catalog also has different models for doors. In this case, with the exception of the sliding doors, you can choose any model for any type of door.

First we have the DOOR FLY SCREEN, hinged, folding and very easy to install. Its structure is resistant and can be mounted with its hinges in any gap. It is the ideal model for large gaps of exterior doors or gardens.

For interior doors, balconies or terraces, there is the ROLLER DOOR FLYSCREEN , which can be simple or double depending on the width of the door. It is very practical because, like the window roller, it occupies little space and is very resistant. The mesh is welded to the profile with nautical tape so it is very difficult to tear.

The higher quality door flyscreen, adaptable to any type of door is the AUTOMATIC PLEATED. It picks up itself with only one finger, it does not have any type of obstacle and it has a system to regulate the speed and the uncertainties in the wall angle. It can be installed in 10 minutes, since with some simple instructions it is the easiest to install.

For DIY lovers, crafts addicts and the “do it yourself” people, it is very important that any product that we buy is easy to assemble and fulfills its function in a practical way. In Bug Stop we work to make our fly screen handy and practical, both its installation and its use, with a quality so that its resistance is as great as possible.
Our philosophy is to be close and clear to our customers, like good DIY lovers. That is why we have designed our flyscreens to be assembled in a few steps, without needing technical knowledge in carpentry.

We offer models of all types, fly screens for all types of windows, doors and gaps. Some are installed as a curtain like the pleated window flyscreen, others do not even require installation like the telescopic fly screen. And for those who are looking for professional quality products, we have launched the ELITE roller screen with all the innovations of the current professional market.

Our manuals are not written in Chinese, or with drawings or unintelligible lines. In addition to the manual that incorporates flyscreen box in the purchase, you can also access it from the web in digital format. If you need advice we have a section of frequently asked questions and this blog where we develop more extensively each step to make it as clear as possible.

Subscribe our Youtube channel, so that when measuring or assembling, you can be directly with your mobile or your tablet watching in detail how to do each step. And if something is missing, we are easy to find and to contact. We do not eliminate negative comments, nor do we hide, and every year we work to improve with the shortcomings that our customers communicate to us.

We are a spanish young, but dynamic and modern company, and our mission is to protect your house from insects in the most practical and simple way as possible. And as we grow, we will achieve more and better solutions.