The revolutionary Bug-Stop clic-clac system for Roller Fly Screens brings multiple advantages for your own comfort.

But what does this clic-clac brake exactly consist of?

Everybody uses pens, almost every day. But does everybody know how it works? How can the tip move up or down with a single finger pressure, and remain in a fixed position?

The Bug Stop clic clac system is inspired by the pen mechanism.
You just have to press the handles in order to shut (or open) the fly screen. This makes the fly screen highly comfortable when fitted right against the window frame.

Almost all competing roller fly screens close with a hook retention system, that blocks the pull bar and prevent it from opening. You then have to insert the fingers into the handles and tilt the pull bar in order to release the pull bar and open the fly screen.
This may be quite complicated when the fly screen is fitted against the window frame, knowing that there is almost no room for the fingers.

Thanks to the clic-clac system from Bug Stop, you just have to press the handles down and the fly screen will open automatically.
The integrated system detects any pressure on the handles, exactly as a pen would work when the tip gets blocked in a position after pressing the top edge button.

Apart from being handy and easy to use, the clic-clac system is one of the safest closing system on the market. Many fly screens would open suddenly in case of bumps into the pull bar. This can definitely be dangerous in case the product isn’t mounted with a soft close system.

Safe, handy, and flexible! The clic-clac system works perfectly even if the flyscreen is fitted in a non-squared recess. Let’s imagine that the recess is 3cm smaller on one side than on the other, the clic clac will go on working perfectly.
The clic-clac system works also even if there is an obstacle in the centre of the recess. It can admit up to a 9mm obstacle. The flyscreen will remain perfectly shut.

As far as size adjustment is concerned, the clic-clac brake doesn’t have any influence, which means that you can perfectly cut straight through the whole mounted cassette (cassette, rolled mesh and bottom bar) at once. All elements can be adjusted to the exact same width. The pull bar is then exactly as wide as the cassette, which makes it very easy to cut.
Thanks to its design and the Bug-Stop precision, the clic-clac system is the most discreet retention system on the market. There is to date no comparable retention system on the market.
Some competing roller fly screens on the market are provided with a similar brake that requires a double aluminium bottom bar. The profiles would then glide into each other, and inevitably remain scratched after some few uses.
Furthermore, other clic-clac systems don’t enable the cassette to be adjusted in width at once. The bottom bar must always be shorter than the cassette, which may lead to mistakes during the assembly.

To summarize, the Bug-Stop clic-clac retention system for roller fly screens is a considerable innovation on the fly screen market. It is easier and handier than any other system on the market. Take a look on our ELITE window roller fly screen.