For each type of door or window, walls of any texture or gaps with more or less uncertainties, Bug Stop has a solution in our extensive catalog of fly screens. Here you have all the possibilities so that you know all the alternatives that you have when deciding which fly screen to buy.

There are many types of houses, flats or apartments, for each type there are multiple types of doors and windows. It is very important to know the type of window or door when installing a fly screen. Each carpentry system leaves more gap or less to fit the head or profiles. Also according to the wall, if it is interior or exterior, it has a smoother texture or more or less straight angles.


Let’s start with the windows, since by statistic most insects access through them in our homes, especially in cities and urbanizations.

The only fly screen that fits any window is the ELITE ROLLER FLY SCREEN, since it is designed only for that purpose. This product can be installed in any type of gap, window or wall.

  • Its cassette or box is 39mm which is the gap left by the European-style aluminum windows.
  • Accessories for fit gap or recess installation.
  • Up to 160 cm wide
  • Lid with telescopic function so that it presses against the wall.
  • Click clack system to open and close very easily the fly screen.
  • Front mesh speed regulator to adjust it.
  • Can be installed in roof or attic windows such as Velux.

In addition to all these advantages there is the ELITE roller fly screen without screws that incorporates accessories to avoid drilling and making holes. All in all, it is the most versatile fly screen on the market, and therefore it can be installed in all window types.

Continuing with the rollers, we have the VERTICAL FLYSCREEN, the most popular thanks to its functionality. It is practical to open and close, can be installed in any type of casement window or tilt-and-turn.

It is also important to know that if your sliding window does not have a rail where to place the sliding screen, you have to install a vertical roller blind. Pay attention to your sliding window type.

We continue with the traditional fly screen that adapts to any window, but without functions, which is the FIXED FLYSCREEN. Cut to size and fit, simple and elementary. For non-practicable windows, such as those with fences or forges, it is a very practical way to avoid insects and other animals.

For windows and sliding doors we have the sliding fly screens family, which we already offer you with the discount made in the profiles so that you only have to subtract the size of your window to the size printed on the box of the product that you have purchased. Remember also that to be able to mount a sliding insect screen, the window or the door must have a profile in which it is mounted, otherwise you will not be able to mount it.

A reduced version is also available, the MINI SLIDING FLYSCREEN, lighter and cheaper, to fit all pockets.

If flyscreens seem too basic to you and you are worried to break in a certain way with your style and aesthetics, the PLEATED FLYSCREEN is your model. It is very discreet, with black pleated fabric, and with the appearance of a curtain. Its cord mechanism is completely silent.

Finally, we have the TELESCOPIC FLYSCREEN, very practical since it does not require cutting or screwing. The telescopic flyscreen is only placed over the window and extends with its telescopic format until it fits the window and the blind. Although it is true that does not cover the entire window and requires to have the shutter down to cover the space.


Our catalog also has different models for doors. In this case, with the exception of the sliding doors, you can choose any model for any type of door.

First we have the DOOR FLY SCREEN, hinged, folding and very easy to install. Its structure is resistant and can be mounted with its hinges in any gap. It is the ideal model for large gaps of exterior doors or gardens.

For interior doors, balconies or terraces, there is the ROLLER DOOR FLYSCREEN , which can be simple or double depending on the width of the door. It is very practical because, like the window roller, it occupies little space and is very resistant. The mesh is welded to the profile with nautical tape so it is very difficult to tear.

The higher quality door flyscreen, adaptable to any type of door is the AUTOMATIC PLEATED. It picks up itself with only one finger, it does not have any type of obstacle and it has a system to regulate the speed and the uncertainties in the wall angle. It can be installed in 10 minutes, since with some simple instructions it is the easiest to install.