This year 2019 in Bug Stop we started with new manuals, new videos, new packaging designs and more points of sale. Thanks to your confidence and your recommendations, the most practical and handy fly screens installed in windows and doors continue to grow in Spain and Portugal. We ask you and we listen to you, and for that reason it makes it easier for us to carry out the changes and improvements to be the benchmark in flyscreens.


We have changed the manuals with many more languages, and a new structure. Now on one side are the visual schemes and on the other the whole text. It has allowed us to increase the number of languages ​​and messages. We know that there was a general confusion at the time of making the calculation of the cut of profiles. To fix it we have added two notes of attention so that there is no doubt when it comes to cutting the sliding window and door mosquito net.

Now installing mosquito nets is much more practical and easy in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch or Italian.







We have renewed our videos with a new style, more bricomania style but with a presenter. You can see them on our YouTube channel. They are tutorial videos to assemble and install the new ELITE roll-up mosquito nets, the MINI slide and the fixed folding mosquito net. All exclusive Bug Stop novelties for 2018-2019. ELITE mosquito nets have all the benefits of the professional world, head without screws, click clack brake, voltage regulator, front installation and the most discreet design. The sliding mosquito net MINI is the lightest version of its older sister, but the method of cutting and installation is the same. And finally the fixed folding for windows, a very practical and unique option in the DIY market, since it allows you to open and close the mosquito net without having to dismantle it like the rest of fixed mosquito nets in the market.


Box design

We have renewed the designs of the boxes so that all mosquito nets appear more aesthetic. We have also added color, so there is no confusion about the color of the mosquito net you are buying. The packaging is also in 7 languages, which will help us continue to grow and reach more countries and more DIY enthusiasts around the world.

Points of sale

This year we will increase the number of stores and specialized points of sale where you can find our mosquito nets. From the section “Where to buy” always updated you can check it. We have made a contract with the Bauhaus DIY centers and we will also be present in its corridors.


This year we will re-launch the app for custom mosquito nets. With an improved design and new features, such as modifying a budget already made without having to do it whole again. It will also have new functionalities for the points of sale, so that it is more agile for store staff to give price and place orders to Bug Stop.

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