Bug Stop is the brand of fly screens for DIY and home shopping centers, cut to standard sizes. They are handy fly screens, easy to cut, assemble and install. For this purpose, all types of user manuals, digital tutorials, blog, videos on Youtube, and our contact service on the web and social networks are available to customers and users.

Bug Stop was born as a solution for all people who are self-sufficient and follow the philosophy of “do it yourself”. It is not necessary to be an experienced handyman or have great knowledge of DIY, having the right tools and follow our manuals step by step you will have quality fly screens in your windows and doors as if they had been installed by a professional.

That is why you will only find Bug Stop fly screens in DIY malls, because that is where that public is concentrated, with patience and conviction they are the truly housekeepers. In addition you can purchase in the same shop the necessary tools for the installation of our products. Usually the flexometer to measure correctly, a saw to cut aluminum and a screwdriver.

Some models require holes to be screwed, but in our extensive catalog there are different models that do not need to be screwed to the wall, such as the telescopic fly screen, the sliding flyscreen or the new ELITE Roller flyscreen without screws.

Furthermore, this year 2018, we offer the possibility of calculating and ordering your fly screens already cut to size, so that you only have to install them at home. Remember to follow the steps of how to measure the gap, and what model you should choose for your window or door type. If you have questions ask in your store or to us through the web or social networks.

In short, if you look for DIY fly screens with great value for money, saving you the cost of a professional; if you are a self-taught and proactive person and you prefer to do things on your own, because learning never takes place, and you want to protect yourself from insects and mosquitoes, Bug Stop is your brand.