Having a toolbox at home will never hurt you, surely more than once you have an unexpected situation and you have not been able to solve it by not having tools at home right?

We have the habit of relating tools with being a handyman or a crack of the DIY, this does not have to be that way, since having a box with tools at home can get you out of more than one hurry.

¿How to organize a complete toolbox?

We are going to give a review of those tools that can always come to you well and it is not necessary to spend a pasture on them:

  • The toolbox: What nonsense is not? Well it is not, the main tool of our toolbox is the same box. The choice depends on the capacity you need and the tastes.


  • Hammer: it is a basic tool that can not be missing in our toolbox. A model of medium size will be great for us to do odd jobs like hanging a painting. It is advisable that the handle is made of wood because of the shock absorbing theme, and it is not necessary to hurt yourself either.


  • Screwdriver: either manual or electric, depending on our budget, and we must also take into account the model whether it is star, smooth blade or interchangeable tips.


  • Wrench: they can be fixed or adjustable, the latter is the most comfortable because it takes up less space in the toolbox and allows working with pieces of various sizes, just as the hammer looks for a medium weight.


  • Set of Allen keys: it seems that you will not use them in life, but in the end … the rear screw of some appliance, the saddle of the girl’s bike … there is always something that requires an allen key to open and tighten.


  • Cutter: it is a very practical and easy to use tool to make short and precise cuts.


  • Pliers: it is a multipurpose tool because it cuts, molds, bends, holds or even unscrews, therefore it is an essential basic tool.


  • Tape measure: also known as “meter”, if you need to know the measurements of anything like a piece of furniture or a window to place blinds or mosquito nets, its use is very basic, it does not take much information.


  • Insulating tape: you’re not going to fix anything with this and you know it … But it’s very useful for emergency fudge, so go to the box with the other tools.


  • Sierra: if you have to cut wood, plastic or metal, this tool will come from pearls.


  • Drill: it is essential since it will help us to hang a picture, a bookcase or piece of furniture; or even put a mosquito net, so do not miss out on yours and remember: Buy the bits!


These 11 tools can not be missing in your basic toolbox to fix and solve unforeseen problems in the house, there are a lot more tools to expand your range of solutions, but start with these and if you see that you get the taste and It’s good for you, because you can pass the level.

Maybe you’re good at DIY … and you did not know it.