ELITE Roller Fly Screen

The Elite Roller Flyscreen for Window is the easiest roller flyscreen to fit. The flyscreen is delivered with the revolutionary patented clic-clac closing system that enables the opening of the flyscreen by a simple pressure of the finger on the handles. The flyscreen very few visible plastic parts, which makes it 100% integrated to the structure. The Elite Roller for Window can be both recess- and face fitted.

Further details

The Elite roller flyscreen is with no doubt the reference high-standard DIY roller flyscreen.

Its patented clic-clac closing system makes it easy to open the flyscreen. You just need to slightly pressure the handles downwards and the flyscreen opens. It is especially handy when the flyscreen is fitted right behind the window frame, which makes it difficult to tilt the pull bar to open it.

The cassette remains self-supported thanks to the spring system, thus avoiding drilling and fitting screws.
Regarding fitting, the Elite Roller for Window can be both recess- and face fitted.

The reduction of visible plastic parts reinforce the elegancy and integration of the product.

The Elite Roller for Window can be supplied with speed reducer system which enables a soft opening of the flyscreen, thus avoiding any sudden opening and risk of damages or accident.

You can cut up to 50cm of the product in width and indefinitely in height. The flyscreen can then be perfectly adjusted to your window size.

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The fitting instruction is available here under in PDF:

Fitting instruction (RECESS FIT)

Download PDF

Fitting instruction (FRONT FIT)

Download PDF

Video Installation:

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