Hello everyone. In this post we will describe the solutions that Bug Stop has to prevent mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering your home. Normally we think only of windows but if we do not secure the doors, then the questions of how there are bugs in the house come if the mosquito nets in the windows are thrown out. To complete the protection of your home, put mosquito nets on both windows and doors. Here we describe the best options depending on the type of door you want to protect.

First, the most common is the hinged insect screen door. It can be installed frontally or in the gap thanks to its hinged supports. It is ideal for simple doors that open to the outside, patios, gardens or terraces, because it allows to open the door leaving the fly screen closed and prevent insects or rodents from entering. Its installation is very simple as you can see in your installation video on YouTube.

As you can see in the image, the hinges are screwed to the frame of the door, the wall or inside the opening of the door itself. Take the measurements well following the instructions in the video. And always remember the direction in which the hinges will turn when opening the door to make it as comfortable and effective as possible.

The screen door has a split version that is composed of two parts, providing more stability to the mesh, especially if you have pets at home, the mosquito net folding door split would be ideal.

For interior doors or single or double doors, Bug Stop has in its catalog the lateral roller door. As you have guessed is the vertical roller, but turned 90º. Although not all components are the same, since the guides must adapt to the floor, the upper frame of the door and both sides. Remember that to install it it is necessary to drill the floor and the upper frame to be able to place both the head supports and screw the guides. Also you must make sure that it is a 90º angle or the mosquito net will not slip correctly.

The great advantages of this fly screen is that when it is rolled, when it is closed it does not hinder the passage, leaving only the lower guide visible. It also has a version for double doors that reaches 2.40m wide in two sheets that are closed magnetically with their handles.

The following is an exclusive Bug Stop door, the Automatic Pleated Fly screen. It is the best example of practical mosquito net, useful and very reliable for the opinions of its users. It is a mosquito net with pleated mesh, which means that it also retains insects, dirt that is trapped in the folds.

The lower guide is minimal, does not hinder the passage, and installs more quickly than any other model. The ideal advantage of this door is that with a button it is collected automatically.