This year we have launched a new service in collaboration with the different chains of DIY, gardening and home stores in which we are present. A custom-made fly screen service for those who do not have time or do not dare with cutting tools. Although the measures are on your side, take note.

For this spring summer season, you will see on the shelves of stores and shopping centers such as AKI or Leroy Merlin, a white display stand with our fly screens. In this display you can see, touch and test all models for doors and windows that we can cut to size.

What is there to do?
Very simple, in the display you will see a link to our online app. Take the phone and in a second you enter the web. It will start with a guide for you to choose the type of door or window where you want to install the fly screens.

Remember that the sliding fly screen, window or door, needs a rail so that it can fit in the top or bottom. It is also measured differently.

How to measure?
In the final part of the guide, there are some very short but practical videos to see how to take measures in the windows to enter them later in the calculator. You will not take long and you will be sure not to make a mistake when placing the order later.
Remember to always take more than one measurement and always write down the shortest of all.

How does the calculator work?
Although many of you will already be very used to buying online, we briefly explain the icons that appear so you can quickly understand how it works.

Unit = Quantity of products
Width = Width of the mosquito net in millimeters
Height = Height of the mosquito net in millimeters
Price = Unit price without VAT
Subtotal = Sum of the price of all the units.
Options-Each model has different options, the most common are color and mesh.
They are mandatory to finish and save.
PDF icon = Product manual in PDF
Red Cross = Delete row
+ Green = Add row of the same model for different measures and / or options.
Button “+ Add another model” = Restart the guide saving the previous products to add another type of mosquito net.
“Finish and save” button = Open a box to enter an email where you can send the quote with your reference number.
“Delete all and restart” button = Delete all memory and restart the application

Relax, we do not keep any personal or private information. You can calmly send the quotation by email and then use the reference number to give it to the employee of the nearest store and ready.

If you have any doubt you know that we have our email and social networks available so you can ask us what is needed.

The bespoke products are of the highest quality in the professional market, if you have a tight budget you can always count on DIY fly screens. Look at the manuals and you will see that they are very easy to cut and install.