Thanks to your confidence these years, we have been able to make an investment in innovation to design a new fly screen that collects the latest news from the professional sector in the form of DIY Kit so that anyone can take their tools and assemble them at home. It must be said, that this product is unique and exclusive, and now we tell you why.

Front installation

First of all, it can be installed hollow, like all the others, but also frontally. That is, both the drawer and the guides can be screwed to the wall that surrounds the window. And, in the case of the ELITE Mosquito Net Without screws, you do not even have to screw anything. This novelty allows a new use, which brings us to the next advantage.

Installation in roof or attic windows
As you can see in the wall that surrounds the window, no matter the installation angle, it is the first fly screen of home and brico centers that can be installed in Velux windows, attic or horizontally for roof windows.

It only takes 40mm gap
If you want to install it hollow, there are two main advantages, first, the drawer only measures 40mm which allows it to be installed in most PVC or European series carpentry that leave that gap between profiles. And the second.

Installation of the pressure head
Exactly, the head can be installed easily without screws, only under pressure thanks to its telescopic lid that presses the wall with the spring and fits without falling.

New click-clack brake system
This is the great novelty of the fly screen, directly from the professional world of carpentry, the hidden click clack brake, in a DIY product. Brakes or plastic latches are no longer needed. This new system is:
o Silent
o Easy to install
o Auto adjustable (admits of uncertainties)
o Supports 8mm obstacle
o Secure closure: Even supports impacts on the lower profile

Roller brake system included
It includes a system that picks up the mesh slowly, without brusqueness, and safer for normal use.

Integrated Design
It has been designed from the beginning, that is why we have taken great care that the fly screen goes unnoticed and integrates perfectly in the window or door. The brake is hidden and the covers are integrated into the drawer for a uniform and slender aesthetic.

Raw material quality
Like all Bug Stop products, they are made with the best raw material in aluminum profiles, polyamide PA6 accessories resistant to impacts and discoloration, fiberglass mesh and Qualicoat paint.

If you want to bet on the best quality, the easiest installation and benefits of the professional world of carpentry, the ELITE roller screen is your product