Sliding Frame Flyscreen

The sliding frame insect screen is definitely the most indicated flyscreen system for sliding window or sliding door. It can be fitted in 5 minutes and directly onto the window or door frame.

Further details

The great advantage of the sliding frame is its easy installation. It is designed to be fitted directly onto the window or door structure, without drilling or screwing.

If you are not fond of drilling or screwing, and need to fit a flyscreen on a sliding window, the sliding flyscreen is without a doubt the perfect match to your expectations.

The sliding flyscreen includes two high-standard brushes that assure 100% protection against insects.

Once assembled, the flyscreen can be fitted or removed in less than 5 seconds. You simply have to insert it into the window structure.

The flyscreen can be assembled in approximately 5 minutes.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to receive further details about the hinged door flyscreen or for any further enquiry.

The fitting instruction is available here under in PDF:


Fitting instruction

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Video Installation:


Fitting instruction door

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