Having a toolbox at home will never hurt you, surely more than once you have an unexpected situation and you have not been able to solve it by not having tools at home right?

We have the habit of relating tools with being a handyman or a crack of the DIY, this does not have to be that way, since having a box with tools at home can get you out of more than one hurry.

¿How to organize a complete toolbox?

We are going to give a review of those tools that can always come to you well and it is not necessary to spend a pasture on them:

  • The toolbox: What nonsense is not? Well it is not, the main tool of our toolbox is the same box. The choice depends on the capacity you need and the tastes.


  • Hammer: it is a basic tool that can not be missing in our toolbox. A model of medium size will be great for us to do odd jobs like hanging a painting. It is advisable that the handle is made of wood because of the shock absorbing theme, and it is not necessary to hurt yourself either.


  • Screwdriver: either manual or electric, depending on our budget, and we must also take into account the model whether it is star, smooth blade or interchangeable tips.


  • Wrench: they can be fixed or adjustable, the latter is the most comfortable because it takes up less space in the toolbox and allows working with pieces of various sizes, just as the hammer looks for a medium weight.


  • Set of Allen keys: it seems that you will not use them in life, but in the end … the rear screw of some appliance, the saddle of the girl’s bike … there is always something that requires an allen key to open and tighten.


  • Cutter: it is a very practical and easy to use tool to make short and precise cuts.


  • Pliers: it is a multipurpose tool because it cuts, molds, bends, holds or even unscrews, therefore it is an essential basic tool.


  • Tape measure: also known as “meter”, if you need to know the measurements of anything like a piece of furniture or a window to place blinds or mosquito nets, its use is very basic, it does not take much information.


  • Insulating tape: you’re not going to fix anything with this and you know it … But it’s very useful for emergency fudge, so go to the box with the other tools.


  • Sierra: if you have to cut wood, plastic or metal, this tool will come from pearls.


  • Drill: it is essential since it will help us to hang a picture, a bookcase or piece of furniture; or even put a mosquito net, so do not miss out on yours and remember: Buy the bits!


These 11 tools can not be missing in your basic toolbox to fix and solve unforeseen problems in the house, there are a lot more tools to expand your range of solutions, but start with these and if you see that you get the taste and It’s good for you, because you can pass the level.

Maybe you’re good at DIY … and you did not know it.


For each type of door or window, walls of any texture or gaps with more or less uncertainties, Bug Stop has a solution in our extensive catalog of fly screens. Here you have all the possibilities so that you know all the alternatives that you have when deciding which fly screen to buy.

There are many types of houses, flats or apartments, for each type there are multiple types of doors and windows. It is very important to know the type of window or door when installing a fly screen. Each carpentry system leaves more gap or less to fit the head or profiles. Also according to the wall, if it is interior or exterior, it has a smoother texture or more or less straight angles.


Let’s start with the windows, since by statistic most insects access through them in our homes, especially in cities and urbanizations.

The only fly screen that fits any window is the ELITE ROLLER FLY SCREEN, since it is designed only for that purpose. This product can be installed in any type of gap, window or wall.

  • Its cassette or box is 39mm which is the gap left by the European-style aluminum windows.
  • Accessories for fit gap or recess installation.
  • Up to 160 cm wide
  • Lid with telescopic function so that it presses against the wall.
  • Click clack system to open and close very easily the fly screen.
  • Front mesh speed regulator to adjust it.
  • Can be installed in roof or attic windows such as Velux.

In addition to all these advantages there is the ELITE roller fly screen without screws that incorporates accessories to avoid drilling and making holes. All in all, it is the most versatile fly screen on the market, and therefore it can be installed in all window types.

Continuing with the rollers, we have the VERTICAL FLYSCREEN, the most popular thanks to its functionality. It is practical to open and close, can be installed in any type of casement window or tilt-and-turn.

It is also important to know that if your sliding window does not have a rail where to place the sliding screen, you have to install a vertical roller blind. Pay attention to your sliding window type.

We continue with the traditional fly screen that adapts to any window, but without functions, which is the FIXED FLYSCREEN. Cut to size and fit, simple and elementary. For non-practicable windows, such as those with fences or forges, it is a very practical way to avoid insects and other animals.

For windows and sliding doors we have the sliding fly screens family, which we already offer you with the discount made in the profiles so that you only have to subtract the size of your window to the size printed on the box of the product that you have purchased. Remember also that to be able to mount a sliding insect screen, the window or the door must have a profile in which it is mounted, otherwise you will not be able to mount it.

A reduced version is also available, the MINI SLIDING FLYSCREEN, lighter and cheaper, to fit all pockets.

If flyscreens seem too basic to you and you are worried to break in a certain way with your style and aesthetics, the PLEATED FLYSCREEN is your model. It is very discreet, with black pleated fabric, and with the appearance of a curtain. Its cord mechanism is completely silent.

Finally, we have the TELESCOPIC FLYSCREEN, very practical since it does not require cutting or screwing. The telescopic flyscreen is only placed over the window and extends with its telescopic format until it fits the window and the blind. Although it is true that does not cover the entire window and requires to have the shutter down to cover the space.


Our catalog also has different models for doors. In this case, with the exception of the sliding doors, you can choose any model for any type of door.

First we have the DOOR FLY SCREEN, hinged, folding and very easy to install. Its structure is resistant and can be mounted with its hinges in any gap. It is the ideal model for large gaps of exterior doors or gardens.

For interior doors, balconies or terraces, there is the ROLLER DOOR FLYSCREEN , which can be simple or double depending on the width of the door. It is very practical because, like the window roller, it occupies little space and is very resistant. The mesh is welded to the profile with nautical tape so it is very difficult to tear.

The higher quality door flyscreen, adaptable to any type of door is the AUTOMATIC PLEATED. It picks up itself with only one finger, it does not have any type of obstacle and it has a system to regulate the speed and the uncertainties in the wall angle. It can be installed in 10 minutes, since with some simple instructions it is the easiest to install.

For DIY lovers, crafts addicts and the “do it yourself” people, it is very important that any product that we buy is easy to assemble and fulfills its function in a practical way. In Bug Stop we work to make our fly screen handy and practical, both its installation and its use, with a quality so that its resistance is as great as possible.
Our philosophy is to be close and clear to our customers, like good DIY lovers. That is why we have designed our flyscreens to be assembled in a few steps, without needing technical knowledge in carpentry.

We offer models of all types, fly screens for all types of windows, doors and gaps. Some are installed as a curtain like the pleated window flyscreen, others do not even require installation like the telescopic fly screen. And for those who are looking for professional quality products, we have launched the ELITE roller screen with all the innovations of the current professional market.

Our manuals are not written in Chinese, or with drawings or unintelligible lines. In addition to the manual that incorporates flyscreen box in the purchase, you can also access it from the web in digital format. If you need advice we have a section of frequently asked questions and this blog where we develop more extensively each step to make it as clear as possible.

Subscribe our Youtube channel, so that when measuring or assembling, you can be directly with your mobile or your tablet watching in detail how to do each step. And if something is missing, we are easy to find and to contact. We do not eliminate negative comments, nor do we hide, and every year we work to improve with the shortcomings that our customers communicate to us.

We are a spanish young, but dynamic and modern company, and our mission is to protect your house from insects in the most practical and simple way as possible. And as we grow, we will achieve more and better solutions.

Bug Stop is the brand of fly screens for DIY and home shopping centers, cut to standard sizes. They are handy fly screens, easy to cut, assemble and install. For this purpose, all types of user manuals, digital tutorials, blog, videos on Youtube, and our contact service on the web and social networks are available to customers and users.

Bug Stop was born as a solution for all people who are self-sufficient and follow the philosophy of “do it yourself”. It is not necessary to be an experienced handyman or have great knowledge of DIY, having the right tools and follow our manuals step by step you will have quality fly screens in your windows and doors as if they had been installed by a professional.

That is why you will only find Bug Stop fly screens in DIY malls, because that is where that public is concentrated, with patience and conviction they are the truly housekeepers. In addition you can purchase in the same shop the necessary tools for the installation of our products. Usually the flexometer to measure correctly, a saw to cut aluminum and a screwdriver.

Some models require holes to be screwed, but in our extensive catalog there are different models that do not need to be screwed to the wall, such as the telescopic fly screen, the sliding flyscreen or the new ELITE Roller flyscreen without screws.

Furthermore, this year 2018, we offer the possibility of calculating and ordering your fly screens already cut to size, so that you only have to install them at home. Remember to follow the steps of how to measure the gap, and what model you should choose for your window or door type. If you have questions ask in your store or to us through the web or social networks.

In short, if you look for DIY fly screens with great value for money, saving you the cost of a professional; if you are a self-taught and proactive person and you prefer to do things on your own, because learning never takes place, and you want to protect yourself from insects and mosquitoes, Bug Stop is your brand.

Before, during or after buying and installing our fly screens remember that you can contact us through social networks or our contact section on the web.

Unlike other companies, in Bug Stop we form a team that works to be the best brand of fly screens. We have dedicated personnel to the products, communication, customer attention and the commercial and sales info. We are also prepared to assist you in Spanish, English, French or German.

Customer service and online technical support

Bug Stop is the first brand that offers all customers technical and customer service for any question, problem, suggestion or request about our fly screens. We are at your disposal on the following platforms:

  • Youtube, comment on our videos and we will respond, besides that you will be able to find the resolved doubts of other clients.
  • Facebook, you can use direct messages, comments in posts or the messenger.
  • Twitter, direct messages or replies
  • Web, “Contact Us” section, send us an email.

We will solve your doubts when assembling or installing, we will indicate the fly screen suitable for your door or window. You can send videos or photographs to help you better, or send us the photos of how our products have been installed to give us a joy if you like.

We can also tell you how to purchase parts, profiles or accessories. We will do our best to deal with any claim or incident that may arise. Our goal is for our customers to be satisfied by purchasing handly fly screens that protect against insects and pollen. So remember our brand to recommend it and share it in social networks.

European manufacturing

We manufacture all our products in Spain, from profiles to accessories, because we believe in sustainability in all areas, social, economic and environmental. By buying products manufactured in Europe, you are assured of buying flyscreens without toxic or defective components; of collaborating in the local economy with quality jobs and avoiding the environmental impact of imported products. Also as a DIY brand (Do it yourself) we are fans of eco-DIY and recycling.

Videos, manuals, FAQs

Our fly screens are sold in large DIY centers because anyone has to be able to install them. So we have worked on creating practical manuals to facilitate assembly and installation to the maximum. In our Youtube channel you will find an installation video for each product in all languages, and we are working on new videos for the 2018 models, better elaborated and we have included the improvements and suggestions that you have contributed in your comments.

That is why we wish to thank all your comments and opinions, good and bad, because they will help us improve in the future and avoid possible mistakes.

Bug Stop Flyscreeens are mainly made of following components:

  • Aluminium profiles;
  • Aluminium finishes such as powder coating, anodizing, sublimation and wood imitation films;
  • Plastic accessories;
  • Flyscreen mesh.


Bug-Stop provides flyscreen for doors and windows that are 100% made in Europe, from raw material. You are then assured that all Bug-Stop products strictly comply with all current quality certifications.

The aluminium profiles of Bug-Stop flyscreens are made of primary fusion 6063 T5 aluminium, to guarantee a high and stable quality level, as required by the UNE 38337-2001 norm. You will definitely note the difference of material between a Bug Sop flyscreen and any imported flyscreen. Bug Stop Flyscreen are highly resistant to torsion, traction and elongation, thus resisting to daily use, climate and impacts. Furthermore, it is important to know that the quality of finishes is directly related to the quality of aluminium.

Bug Stop Flyscreens’ powder coating complies with QUALICOAT. We strictly control our powder coating process and guaranty that all products are always powder coated with the same layer, which is always thicker than the minimum required by Qualicoat.

What is the impact for you as a consumer? We assure you that through the years, you Bug Stop flyscreen won’t suffer any discoloration, although it might be exposed to the sun or tough weather conditions. Bug Stop Flyscreen are definitely the most resistant to bumps and impacts, when compared to imported products.

The global aspect is also prefect, with no visible ruggedness, scratches, bubbles, stain or any other possible defect.

As far as resistance is concerned, Bug Stop flyscreens are highly resistant to humid atmospheres, natural aging, boiling water, etc…

Our powder coating provides a high level of resistance to cuts. So knowing that the flysceens can be adjusted in height and width, you have the guarantee that the profiles won’t be damaged after cutting them.

Regarding accessories, we manufacture them out of polyamide 6 (PA6). Many imported products use nylon accessories, reinforeced with PVC. But what are exactly the differences between a PA6 accessory and a Nylon or PVC one?

Polyamide PA6

  1. Up to 11 times as elastic as nylon;
  2. Resists to a range of temperature range up to 40º wider than nylon ;
  3. Twice as resistant to oxidation as nylon;
  4. 5 to 9 times as resistant to impact as nylon;
  5. 3 to 10 times as resistant to tension as nylon.


Although they may seem identical, PA6 and nylon accessories are quite different. PA6 is heavy-duty while nylon can suffer discoloration and break easily. The quality of accessories is highly important, knowing that they support the flyscreen. If they break when fitting or using them, the generated cost might be finally much more than the price of a flyscreen in case of accident. We recommend therefore to always use flyscreens manufactured with polyamide PA6.

The mesh is probably the most important part of a flyscreen knowing that without mesh, there is no flyscreen.   Bug Stop chooses the best mesh quality, OEKO-TEX CONFIDENCE TEXTILES approved. Oeko Tex Confidence Textiles is well known over the world as the independent label that certifies all meshes free from toxic substances.

Bug Stop flyscreens are also available with polyester anti-pollen mesh, very efficient to protect from mites, and allergens. Our anti-pollen mesh is certified by the ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation), and is ideal to get protected from the most allergens such as Nettle, Ambrosia, Birch, Grass and Olive tree


Automatic folding system!


The Bug Stop automatic pleated door flyscreen is provided with an automatic folding system, which makes it totally different from other versions on the market which don’t fold automatically.

Therefore you don’t need any effort to open the flyscreen. It opens by itself by a single pressure.


To open the flyscreen, just proceed as follows:

When the flyscreen is shut, lift the handle with one finger. You will notice that an arrow is printed on the handle (that includes the safety lock).

Once the handle is lifted, the flyscreen opens by itself.

In case the flyscreen doesn’t open by itself, you always have the possibility to adjust the tension of each string, and then ensure that the flyscreen opens fully by itself.

You will therefore need to unlock the flyscreen mesh from the wall profile, by removing the flexible PVC mesh fastening clips (these clips are previously inserted in the wall profiles to lock the mesh).


You will then notice that each string is connected to two PVC parts that are located into the aluminium wall profile:

  • A string guide, through which the string is inserted;
  • A string fastening part to which the string is fastened.

It is important to make sure that each string is firmly tensioned in order for the flyscreen to open properly. Nevertheless the tension of the strings can’t be exaggerated either. In order to add (or release) tension to the string, just release the fixing screw of the string fastening part and move it upwards (or downwards).


  • Make sure that the flyscreen is closed when you are working on this adjustment in order to avoid an exaggerated tension of the string
  • Make sure to apply the same tension on all the strings in order for the flyscreen to shut the same way (same speed) on both lower and top side.

The automatic pleated flyscreen for door brings also further advantages such as the possibility to recover an eventual unsquared recess at the bottom end of the flyscreen.

The pull profile (profile that is pulled horizontally to shut the flyscreen) includes indeed a mobile end cap at the bottom end. This bottom end cap is fixed to the profile thanks to an allen screw. Slightly release the screw in order to move the end cap upwards or downwards and fasten it at the right position.   Don’t forget to fasten the allen screw properly so that the end cap remains in a fixed position. This way you will make sure that:

  • The pull profile doesn’t scrape the bottom rail and that the flyscreen runs perfectly into the bottom guide;
  • The pull profile doesn’t escape from the bottom rail.

The handle and closing system can also be adjusted in height in order to fit precisely in the pull profile. You just have to release the screw of the handle (see handle that is fixed to the wall profile) and move the whole system (hook + handle) upwards or downwards until you reach the ideal height.


Finally it is important to remind the automatic pleated flyscreen is adjustable in height and width. Nevertheless it has a limit:

  • You can cut the product in height from the bottom side, bearing in mind that you can’t cut the product over the first string. Which means that no more than 10cm can be cut from the product in height.
  • As far as the adjustment in width is concerned, you first have to refer to the size that you have to cut in width. The total size that you can cut (width + height) is 50cm. This means that if you cut 10cm from the product in height, you can only cut 40cm from the product in height, or for example if you cut 47cm from the product in height, you can cut up to 47cm from the product in width.


To conclude, the Bug Stop Automatic Pleated Flyscreen is the reference on the market. It bring the elegancy and comfort of a 22mm pleated flyscreen for door at the third of its value on the professional market. Furthermore the automatic pleated flyscreen for door can be adjusted is height and width.



Doors, to patios, balconies, gardens, backyards, doors where insects, bugs and other vermin enter. If you want to fully protect your home you must not forget door screens. That way you won’t find any mosquitoes inside with windows closed. To each type of door you have a Bug Stop Flyscreen.

Options and Features

Hinged door screen and Split hinged door flyscreen

The most popular and practical option for mounting on doors. Installation is simple on the hole or with a patch. It’s the best mosquito net for doors openings onto stairs, gardens or outdoor patios. The door can be left open and the screen door closed to pass the air, prevent entry of insects and do not let our pets from escaping. Its maximum height is 2,20m, and the difference with the Split one is this one has a maximum height of 2,40m thanks because it is composed of two parts and a central part which allows these 20 cm extra. Should not use it if you want to save space, because when you open it occupies some space, if you want a mosquito net for a balcony or courtyard is better to buy the lateral roller door, sliding door flyscreen or Automatic Pleated.

Lateral Roller Door

It’s the lateral roller versión for doors. It’s very versatile and easy to cut the frames to adapt it. La versión enrollable de mosquiteras para puertas, es muy versátil a la hora de cortar los perfiles para adaptarlas. Remove it is also very simple, just remove the two guides and ready. It is a system that occupies only 39mm.

Tmosquitera-lateralhe side roller is a flyscreen very proven for years that guarantees a great value. The mesh is inserted in the profile by heat setting. Its main features are the functionality and value. It carries a magnetic closure and mesh built for secure closure. In addition, the system supports RDS speed reducer, but is not included, you need to buy it apart.




Sliding door insect screen

Door versión of sliding flyscreen for windows. You install it the same way, cut the frames and mount it on the gap of the door. Its accessories are also reinforced with fiberglass to improve its resistance to impacts and weather. Its structure is stronger to resist use and friction. It does not occupy any space when you open or close, what makes it perfect for balconies and backyards. Double Sliding Screen is also available for big openings and double doors.


Automatic Pleated Flyscreen

The most innovative Bug Stop insect screen. With black pleated mesh, very soft and stylish, it’s only 30mm wide and has an automatic closing system that collects the mesh without effort. plisada-automatica-detalles It has not chain but a minimal lower profile that allows a free access without barriers. Automatic pleated is the best flyscreen to install in balconies and terraces. It has also a heightand speed regulation system.

Fly screens are increasingly used and installed in homes and shops in recent years to avoid flies, insects and rodents. The increasing number of insects due to high temperatures, and the diseases they carry with them, have extended awareness of protect and preventing them from entering.

Moreover also help reduce dirt entering home, prevent our pets from escaping or falling, and all with the advantage that the fresh air is renewed.

Options and features

Vertical roller screen

The leader in protection against insects at home, discrete, functional and practical, especially beacuse it has an easy and quick installation. You can open and close it easily, even for children and seniors thanks to our RDS (Speed Reducer System). Another advantage is that you can collect it the winter months for letting in more sunlight into the rooms.

It fits most windows and blinds openings, including PVC windows leaving gap of 40 mm, as it is designed with a 39 mm cassette that fits perfectly. If you have a PVC window, insect screen Bug Stop is the only one that Works perfectly.

For large windows and are very wide or very high, it is better to use sliding frame flyscreen or telescopic screen.

Sliding frame screen

For sliding windows or wide openings is the screen that is installed easier as it is placed directly on the window frame. Cut the profiles to your needs and it will be ready, no need to drill holes, drilling or screwing.

Fixed Frame screen

It is the most traditional flyscreen, it adapts to any window opening. It is the best choice for not used windows, windows with bars, that usually we want to open or close to let breeze in. It is economical and easy to install in the opening or frontally, either with clips or screws. In addition, they may include brushes to ensure nothing slips.

The downside is of course that you can not open or close, but can be easily disassembled for cleaning or storing if necessary.

Pleated screen

Stop bugs is not incompatible with aesthetics. Pleated screen, in addition to catch all the insects is elegant as a blind.

Simple and sophisticated, it is used like a Venetian, and can be adjusted in height. You can cut up to 10cm per side to fit and occupies only 5cm when collected with cord.

It is best suited for small windows or windows overlooking interior and courtyards.

Telescopic frame screen

The cheaper, simple and easy to install mosquito net. No need tools, no need to cut profiles, drilling holes or screwing. You buy it, you install it, easy and cleanPerfect if you want a temporary, portable mosquito net, and keep the aesthetics of the space. Open it to the width of your window and even close your blinds to adjust.

Remember that you have all the manuals section of our website and all our nets are already on sale in malls in Spain as Leroy Merlin DIY and Bricorama, and Flyscreen Queen and Goss Flys Screens in Ireland. We look forward to your comments and tips!


Thank you for having come this far. We are inaugurating new website, new blog and new ideas to improve and protect your home from flies, mosquitoes and other undesirable bugs. In this blog we will share additional information to install, practical and aesthetic advice and try to answer your questions and suggestions.

We are a young team with a unique philosophy, from raw material to manufacturing, all profiles and flyscreen accessories are made in Spain. Meeting all quality standards, being respectful with environment and work force, supporting local economy.

All to offer quality DIY mosquito nets, easy to install and protect you from insects, rodents, vermin and can let the fresh air in your home.

We invite you to give us a Like on Facebook a Follow on Twitter, and I love the video of the screen you most liked on YouTube. Don’t hesitate and tell us what you think.