Telescopic Fly Screen

The telescopic flyscreen is without any doubt the easiest system to fit. It doesn’t require neither screw, saw, not even a measuring tape. It perfectly fits into all window type. The screen consists of two aluminium frames that glide between each other and that fit into the roller shutter’s channel. Therefore the width can simply be adjusted to the size of your window, while the height remains unchanged. Simply shut the roller shutter on the top edge of the flyscreen in order to close the flyscreen.

1. Further details

The huge advantage of the flyscreen is the telescopic and universal aspect.

If you don’t like screws, saws or metric bands then the telescopic flyscreen is definitely the system you are looking for.

You will have it fitted in less than 5 minutes.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to receive further details about the hinged door flyscreen or for any further enquiry.

The fitting instruction is available here under in PDF:

Fitting instruction

Download PDF

Video Installation:

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