For DIY lovers, crafts addicts and the “do it yourself” people, it is very important that any product that we buy is easy to assemble and fulfills its function in a practical way. In Bug Stop we work to make our fly screen handy and practical, both its installation and its use, with a quality so that its resistance is as great as possible.
Our philosophy is to be close and clear to our customers, like good DIY lovers. That is why we have designed our flyscreens to be assembled in a few steps, without needing technical knowledge in carpentry.

We offer models of all types, fly screens for all types of windows, doors and gaps. Some are installed as a curtain like the pleated window flyscreen, others do not even require installation like the telescopic fly screen. And for those who are looking for professional quality products, we have launched the ELITE roller screen with all the innovations of the current professional market.

Our manuals are not written in Chinese, or with drawings or unintelligible lines. In addition to the manual that incorporates flyscreen box in the purchase, you can also access it from the web in digital format. If you need advice we have a section of frequently asked questions and this blog where we develop more extensively each step to make it as clear as possible.

Subscribe our Youtube channel, so that when measuring or assembling, you can be directly with your mobile or your tablet watching in detail how to do each step. And if something is missing, we are easy to find and to contact. We do not eliminate negative comments, nor do we hide, and every year we work to improve with the shortcomings that our customers communicate to us.

We are a spanish young, but dynamic and modern company, and our mission is to protect your house from insects in the most practical and simple way as possible. And as we grow, we will achieve more and better solutions.